About Us

MENACO B.V. is a vegetable seed distribution company based in The Netherlands. It is a member of the French Limagrain Group, whose vegetable seeds division is the second largest vegetable seed company in the world. MENACO was established in 2014 as a new set up aimed at serving the distribution of several brands in order to strengthen the ongoing commitment and ambition to become a leading company in the Middle East and North African markets.

MENACO distributes three Dutch professional brands - Nickerson-Zwaan, DP Elite Zaden and Huizer Zaden - all delivering a wide assortment of the highest quality seeds to farmers and plant raisers, supporting individual customers with experience and knowledge.

The MENACO brands focus on delivering seeds that provide high-yield, high-quality and disease resistant crops adapted to the region. They bring together cutting-edge science and decades of experience from the vast genetic pool belonging to the Limagrain Group.

With a highly motivated team, including local demonstration and development, MENACO is offering the Middle East and North African markets a multi-brand strategy with a strong operational support, thus enabling growers to enjoy high-quality seeds and close service.

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